Lasith Malinga’s hair style..

There was an letter to a news paper which castigated LM for his hair style, saying it is “un-Sri Lankan”, and that that was not how a “gentleman” would look. The writer was quite liberal on his insults, and advice.

When will people learn to accept people, who are different from them? and wth has hair colour got to do with being a gentleman? I know people who dress and look “gentlemanly’ but whose conduct and character is anything but (according to my definitions)

I would (at the moment) never think about colouring my hair, body piercing or wearing gold… but that is me… I guess a number of people might have asked LM to be like the others; if so, he’s got guts to stick to what he wants to do with his life….


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  1. Sam on

    Wearing metal wires over teeth, pierce ears or nose, remove natural body hair, cover the body with animal skins, rocks, wood, metal, plastic to cotton, paint, tattoo or circumcision – all are just Body modifications we all humans do for express the “group/tribe” we are belonging to. The same person who pierce nose, ears do not like someone else pierce bellybutton. It is animal part still left inside humans.
    If Lalith is a Bathroom cleaner, that gentlemen surely do not mind the hairstyle because simply he do not want to belong to that group – matter of fact he may get offended too, if Lalith wear a tuxedo and clean bathrooms.
    But right now Lalith do not belong to his group but Lalith is powerful, so the writer’s animal instinct is threaten badly. Even though writer is advising Lalith to carry his group’s symbols and ask him to join his “superior” group, what he really trying to do is, show others his group’s superiority.

    On top of that religion also plays a part of this. Sri Lanka as Christian country, we don’t like men with long hair (Corinthians 11:3-15) any more (not like when was a Buddhist country)

    So it all comes to one single word. “Ignorance.”

    • aa on

      irony is that it aint a christian country.. you fag. who is jesus’s real father btw..

  2. Agni on

    wow! that was quite a different way of looking at this :)

    btw, a lot of people seem to share our views from what appeared in the subsequent editions of the news paper’s letters to the editor…

  3. ravana on

    Sri Lanka’s a Christian country?!?! You mean Christianity-influenced country right, Sam?

    Agree with everything else.

  4. lila on

    i think he looks hot…. no matter wat. he shd b able 2 express himself the way he likes

  5. saman on

    lasith malinga is a very sexy man. it is a shame that he has to live in a society that berates him for his appearance. since when does haircolour, one tatoo and an eyebrow ring determine who we are. are we to be defined by the way we look?

  6. Agni on

    Hey Saman, from the comments on this post, and the subsequent letters to the editor most people are defending his uniqueness… to me, more than a cricketer, he is more – a person who is challenging tradition…. only a few seem to want him to look ‘normal’

  7. gsm0777 on

    I knew this would happen sooner or later. Local Talibans declare war on Lasith Malinga`s hair styles. These are the same people who wanted Susanthika to wear something `more decent` when she runs 100m. (ie. something that covers her more)

    I cannot understand why these people worry so much about hair styles when Malinga has already done his duty and brought glory to the country. If that happened in some other country by this time his hair style would have been a fashion!

    I am sure the local Talibans will be happy the day Malinga wears the national dress (probably with a maroon colour saatakaya) and Susanthika a `lamaa-saari` when they go to the play ground. If possible let them also carry `mal-vattis` in their hands. So they look like as if they are going to `daham pasela` and everybody will be happy.

    Why cannot these people understand how somebody wear or do hair style is ones own right and the society has nothing to do with it?
    Why these people want the society (state) to control how people wear and do their hair styles?

    Are we living in Afghanistan under Taliban rule or in Soviet Union under Stalin?

  8. melony on

    please dnt pick on my man lasith malinga.
    he is an excellent player.
    your’ll are just jealous your’ll did not get chosen to play cricket!!!!!!

  9. leamon on

    blonde hair, eyebrows pierced, etc. big deal!

  10. Baraka on

    im sorry to all your christians, but sri lanka will never be a christian country. i have nothing against how malinga dresses or acts, but i can realise where the cricket board is coming from. the sri lankan community was brought up with principles and rules which other countries have missing. if there was a resturaunt and you were taking your work colleagues there, would you go to one where there was nice people looking like thugs or go to the one with nice people looking decent and wearing suits. the fact is, when he is out there bowling, he is representing sri lanka. and sri lanka’s only strong representation in the western world is cricket. we dont get to see his personality, we as a viewer dont even know if he is a decent person. we assume he is decent because the sri lankan community is generally decent,but what he wears brings this in to dispute. im young and my parents tell me what to wear and what not to wear, and most of the time i dont listen, as i think that they dont understand the ways someone should express themselves. but im not stupid to realise that at the end of the day, the general public, and people you know decide on who you are by the way you talk, dress and act. what does someone get when expressing their freedom? It represents the fact that they have none, and that they wish to look as an outcast or an outsider tot the normal.

  11. meer on

    all that i know is he’s the sexiest cricketer.. mind his bowlin’ too…. he’s more lethal, and economical now

  12. Priyanka lasith on

    A man wth a golden hair, a man wth a golden arm, a man wth a golden wicket.

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