The Saree (and the jacket)

Saree: a garment which can hide so much, yet, reveal the important ratios. imo, it is very difficult for a women to look bad in a saree if she properly chooses the type of jacket, saree colour and properly drapes the saree.

All cultures can use the beauty of the saree. The other day, there were three, possible Pakistani Muslim women. They had the jacket sleeve stretch right up to the elbow. Faces (rather the head) were covered with an elegantly done head-scarf. I guess they are not supposed to show the shape of their figures, so the saree was heavy. Obviously no exposure of navel or hip: but they really looked wonderful in the bright coloured saree.

A lot of women appear to be putting effort in to getting the front of the saree jacket right – but not enough effort is been put to the design of the back of the saree jacket. I am guessing there are a lot of possibilities to work on the back. A loose (but well held) knot, different cuts to expose limited amount of skin, those glittering things etc.

However, wish people would take in to account flesh bumps when going for strapy or tight fitting jackets as it is generally not a pleasant sight. And, undergarments really need to match the colour (even when the undergarment is not exposed – white bra on a black jacket?).
Not all types, suite everyone. So, the jacket and how she drapes it needs to complement each individual’s shape.

* Note: in no way must one show flesh to look sensual, and showing flesh does not guarantee one looks good. It all depends…

I love weddings cause i get to see so many well dressed women; it only takes ten minutes for me to get dressed.


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  1. Jack Point on

    Agree with you a 100%. A saree can make a woman really look elegant and there is nothing sexier than a shapely woman in midriff baring saree.

  2. Anonymous on

    It is surprisingly elegant (attire) when you consider the fact it is just six metres of cloth draped around.

    “ it only takes ten minutes for me to get dressed.”
    You were joking here, right?

    “All cultures can use the beauty of the saree”
    I don’t know about this one. I have not seen a single white woman look good in a sari.
    Somehow, pale skin and brightly coloured saris don’t go well together.
    Personally speaking of course.

  3. Anonymous on

    BTW, anonymous above, is by Mia.

  4. Angel on

    Honestly think more effort goes to the back of the jacket than the front, which is (usually) covered. Ever since my first saree party at the school social (years ago)the various “jacket backs” have been a constant source of facination.

    The loose knot at the back, the back held together by a spangly ring of plastic,the criss-cross strappy back,little circular, square, tear drop shaped windows cut out, all this and more can be seen at the average wedding…or even office function! One even sees osaris worn with funky off the shoulder or no-back jackets (go girls!)

    What annoys me is seeing girls in daring blouses cover their backs with the sari-pota as if they’re cold/embarrassed. IMO, If they decide to wear the blouse, it should be shown off in style instead of hunching over and giggling uncomfortably. If you can’t carry it off, don’t try.

    Totally agree with you about the bits of flesh hanging out and bulging between the straps.

  5. Agni on

    Jack Point: :)

    Mia: re 10 minutes, i was speaking about me… as a guy, it takes less time….
    whatever the skin colour, one could choose a suitable colour. The draping part is one important (among many) to getting to look wonderful in a saree.

    Angel: totally agree about people daring to wear, and covering. People really should not wear something that will make them uncomfortable.

    I personally find it a bit embarrassing when women wear short skirts and find it constantly necessary for them to “adjust” the line. It feels odd when they do it.
    I will observe more at the next wedding…

  6. good on

    ok not a bad idea

  7. Anuradha Nirosha on

    i want saree blouse designe pictures

  8. achini on

    I need saree blouse designe pictures

    • tharika on

      sari jacket with straps

  9. achini on

    I need pictures of different styls of wearing saree

  10. SEWWANDI on

    i want to saree jacket design.(for kandiyan bride)

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